no, it's not lee.

This is a blog dedicated to Mickey Leigh! He's famous for being a co-author and for being Joey Ramone's brother. He's not famous for being a musician.


ok so im reading I Slept With Joey Ramone and it’s just pissing me off

400 something pages of exploitation

i’m only a fourth in but i’m already really upset???this is just mean

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It is time for us to retire this blog. Do not worry - the blog will be up forever! But it has served it’s purpose.

Our goal was to educate Ramones fans about what Mickey Leigh has done. And we have accomplished that! Before our blog, we could not find a single negative thing written about him. But now the word has been spread and the statistics show it:


Yes! His 164 fans is nothing compared to our 716 followers! We did it!

And the information our blog has provided will be readily available to the public! Whoever searches ‘mickey leigh stop’ on google (as if they were searching for his band) will be in for a pleasant surprise…


^ #4 is us! Can you believe it?! ^

If you are just discovering this blog, please read our posts to learn all about the atrocities committed by this man!

ALSO - feel free to contribute to our new RAMONES project!

This time, instead of spreading the word about the damage inflicted to Joey Ramone’s legacy, we are celebrating the Ramones’ music by flyering the city with their lyrics. CHECK IT OUT

We will be back if Mickey does anything else crazy, but until then, so long!


Thank you to our biggest supporters. Check out their blogs:

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(Note: I am not saying the creator of these blogs supports stop-mickey-leigh.)

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Why can’t you love me?!
- Mickey Leigh to Johnny Ramone (via punkquotes)

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Mitchell, can you not?
- Joey Ramone’s ghost to Mickey Leigh on “I Slept with Joey Ramone” (via punkquotes)

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smirkingsmut said:
Johnny and Mickey were such good friends that Mickey barely got a mention in his book, Commando. He doesn't say his name when he's talking about roadies (page 79). The only time he says his name is to talk about how he wanted to piss Arlene (Mickey's wife, Johnny first girlfriend!). "Mickey always knew she liked me". I like how he says "Well, Mitch. That's his name, but he always asks everyone to call him Mickey". (97)

Hahaha how strange! I wonder why he insists on saying that they were such good friends. Throughout his entire career, he’s always tried to “distance” himself from the Ramones, yet his “friendship” with Johnny is even mentioned in his bio on his website. I bet he just had a crush on Johnny or something. Thank you for the quotes!

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toopunktofuck said:
Prozac was first synthesized in 1974, and it wasn't cleared for safety in the use of depressive and anxiety disorders until late 1987. I've taken Prozac myself, it's nice for OCD. Mickey seems baffled that his older brother was really mentally ill, unable to get help he needed that was effective until he was an adult for a while, and still more famous. Mickey's pissed that his mentally ill brother found his own brand of success. (end)

Well said!

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toopunktofuck said:
for your question crowds - I have obsessive compulsive disorder. Ever notice how Joey never talked himself much about his own OCD? It was mostly self-evident through his lyrics. It's because it's a very alienating disorder, that didn't have very nice treatments until recently (past 20-30 years). Joey died after being on Prozac for years, a medication with decent effectiveness for OCD. (continued)


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x1977 said:
It's interesting to happen upon your blog. I grew up a diehard Ramones fan - even went out of my way to meet Mickey, Joey's mom, Marky, Tommy and Arturo when I was younger. Never read Mickey's book, although now I'm curious about it. What inspired you to start this page?

Thank you for taking interest! We made this blog to show people that Mickey is not the great person people think he is. Sadly, not many people can gather that Mickey is actually exploiting Joey after reading his book, so we’re trying to set the record straight. We answered a similar question a few posts ago. I went into detail about what it is that Mickey did to deserve our hate. Please read it!

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I don’t like Linda Ramone or Mickey Leigh. Got a problem with that? - Jamie

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-Mickey Leigh about trying to get famous (via punkquotes)

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